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Loss of a twin or twins - Kim, Ben and Holly's story

Ben and HollyBen and Holly

In May 2007 my beautiful, non-identical twins Ben and Holly were born, at 37 weeks and 5 days gestation. They were my third and forth children and I was booked in for a planned caesarean section at 38 weeks and 2 days, due to the breech position of Ben. However, the twins had other ideas and for the first time in any of my three pregnancies my waters broke! We were taken to hospital by ambulance for an emergency c-section.

After the delivery my partner Lee, my mum and I were in recovery with the twins. I had wondered at the time why they had shown me Holly first when Ben was the first to be born, but when they explained Ben had a cleft palette I just put it down to that reason. We weren’t worried about the cleft palette-knowing it could easily be corrected by simple surgery. I was in that magical just after birth daze, where the pain and tiredness is overruled by joy and elation. My twins were here, another little princess and a much wanted first son for mummy and daddy.

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Recurrent Loss - Claire's Story


I was sixteen when I first got pregnant with an ex. It wasn’t planned and I was scared but kind of happy. I had a bit of a water infection so went to the doctors and he gave me an anti-biotic and asked could I be pregnant? I didn’t think I was but did a test and + OMG!

I found out I was pregnant at 11 weeks. I lost the baby at 16 weeks to a Miscarriage had a labour and everything. I was so scared in pain and feeling like my world was turned upside down. I was put on ward 11 which was next door to maternity and left to see to myself. Teenager, she`ll get over it!

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Neonatal Loss - Danielle and Riley


On the 22nd November 2004 I was admitted to Antrim Area Hospital due to having symptoms of pre-eclampsia. After spending the night in hospital I had a scan which showed my baby was not moving and had reduced blood flow through the placenta.

I was rushed to Belfast Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital in an ambulance where I was rescanned and then prepped for an emergency section as my baby- who was only 26 weeks gestation and had apparently stopped growing a few weeks before, would be unlikely to survive the night.

We were repeatedly warned that our son, already named Riley would be extremely ill and may not survive his birth. Riley was born weighing 780grams, 1 lb 11 and was brought straight to Neonatal intensive care

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Neonatal Loss - Jen and Hannah's story

hannah's grave.jpgHannah's Grave

In April 2005 I was over the moon to find out I was pregnant. My excitement was tempered with a little anxiety because I had had a miscarriage the year before. Just a week later I had some bleeding and was referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit. Everything seemed to settle down and for the next few weeks things were fine. At about 11 weeks I had more bleeding and went back to the EPU. There we were told that we were losing our baby but that the baby was one of triplets. The other two were doing fine. We left hospital with such mixed emotions knowing the loss of one of our babies meant the other two had a much better chance of survival, but we had still lost a little life.

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Older Babies - Sally and Belle's story


I had a completely normal pregnancy with Belle. I went two weeks overdue and had to be induced and after a five hour labour my beautiful Belle was born. She was fine, she had all the checks and everyone was happy and we were sent home.

Belle was doing well. When she was four months old I went to the clinic to get her weighed. Next to us was a three week old baby screaming and kicking her legs up and down. Suddenly I thought to myself “Belle doesn't ever really scream and she doesn't kick her legs like that either”. She did move her legs but very gently and she did cry but it was never loud. I picked Belle up and supported her head as I always did and then thought to myself again Belle should be holding her head up on her own by now. I started to think that my son Oliver had been doing this when he was Belle's age. I mentioned my concerns to the health visitor and she said Belle was just a bit lazy but if I was worried then to make an appointment with my GP, which I did.

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