Welcome to Our Forever Babies

We offer you a sad but warm welcome to Our Forever Babies. We are sorry you have lost your baby and have reason to find us.

We are a community of friends, who like you, have at various stages of pregnancy, birth or in infancy lost our precious children, children who will always remain - "Our Forever Babies".


We wish with all our hearts that no more parents might need the support and comfort that we have all needed, and still need, but we know that life is not like that and pregnancies will continue to be lost and babies will continue to die.

For those newly bereaved parents we will be here to offer what we can, be it a kind word or practical solution to a problem. We will do what we can to make the road an easier one for each and every one of our new found friends.


Our Forever Babies is a place where we hope you will feel comfortable and among friends, a place where you feel able to celebrate your baby, share your memories, experiences and grief.

Our Forever Babies

Our Forever Babies was set up four years ago and has quickly grown to be the largest organisation in the United Kingdom offering support to parents who have lost a baby in pregnancy, at birth or in infancy. We support parents at every stage of this journey, the immediate aftermath of losing a baby and in the weeks, months and years after that day. We also support parents through subsequent pregnancies as experience has taught us how stressful and anxious a time that can be. Although we are a UK based organisation the world wide web enables us to welcome parents from all around the world.

As well as our support forum, we offer support through regular meets and memorial events organised throughout the UK.

Grief knows no time limits and we also welcome parents who have lost their babies many years ago as well as those new to this journey.