This Month We Remember


Kelsey-Louise McLay Born still 1st March 2004 (audrey)

Daire McCann-Taggart
 Born still 2nd March 2007 (Daire and Odhrans Mum)

Odhran McCann-Taggart
 Born still 2nd March 2007 (Daire and Odhrans Mum)

 Born still 3rd March 2001 (molliec22)

 Born still 3rd March 2001 (molliec22)

Taylor Jeffrey Gerald Leyde
 Born still 3rd March 2007 (Taylor_DylansMommy)

Macy Mae Baker
 Born 17th May 2006 died on 4th March 2008 (macysmummykat)

Nathan William Holland
 Born 5th March 2007 and died 15 April 2007 (nathansmummy)

Baby 'Jace' Luscombe
 Died 6th March 2008 (cluscombe)

Nathan William Joseph Boyd
Born still 7th March 2008 (Hayley~NathansMummy )

Baby Bubble
 Died 7th March 2007 (Nicola)

Courtney Leigh Mcmanus
 Died 9th March 1997 (saralynn)

Kian James John Humphries
 Born still 10th March 2008 (Gemma Lovatt)

Isaac James Hughes
 Born still 11th March 2007 (Sammiebabes)

Jack Samuel Harley Nolan
 Born still 12th March 2009 (Jack12)

Brookelynn Faith Guerrero
 Died 13th March 2006 (kristennelson)

Emmanuel Jaden Bradbury
 Born 13th March 2007 and died  30th May 2007 (ejsbrokenmommy)

Henry Revell
Born 14th March 2007(Amber.Revell)

Evie Theresa Ann Hodgson
Born 16th November 2007 died on 14th March 2008  (laura Mummy to Evie Hodgson)

Gemini Leigh Akelia Louise Beardsworth
 Died 15th March 2007 (x-bbegal-x)

Michael Ralph Davison
 Born still 17th March 2006 (chell)             

Charlotte Appleton
 Died 18th March 2008 (missmybabies)

Sky Appleton
 Died 18th March 2008 (missmybabies)

Little Baby
 Died 20th March 2006 (Lisab)

Brooke Scolding
 Born still 21st March 2007 (allison)

Jay J Woodward-Gallimore
 Born still 22nd March 2007 (my-son-an-angel)

Braidy Mai Reilly
 Died 22nd March 2008 (kazi69)

 Born 5th May 1989 and died 22nd March 1991 (cha26aug)

Seanpaul Randhawa Singh
 Born 23rd March 2004 and died 13th April 2004  (marie kyle&seanpauls mummy)

Kyle Antoz Randhawa Singh
 Born 23rd March 2004 and died 25 March 2004 (marie kyle&seanpauls mummy)

Tyler Jake Ashworth
 Still born 23rd March 2007 (Tylers Mummy)

Sian Wilson
 Born 24th March 2003 and died 27th Dec 2005 (sians mummy)

Ellie Dean-Lewis
 Born still 24th March 2008 (tasha)

Kyle Antoz Randhawa Singh
 Born 23rd March 2004 and died 25 March 2004 (marie kyle&seanpauls mummy)

Daisy Mai Whittall
 Born 26th March 2006 and died 22nd October 2006 (Maxine)

Nathan John Datwyler
 Born 26th March 2007 and died 10th September 2007 (nathansmom)

Noah Barber-Walkley
 Born 26th March 2008 and died 4th June 2008 (thelighthousekeeper)

Cerys Louise Wooldridge
 Born 26th March 2007 and died  2nd April 2007 (christine cerys mummy)

Josh and Jack Ng
 Born still 29th March 2008 (Josh&jacksmummy)

 Born 29th March 2009 Died 7th April 2009 (Hayley x)

Charlie Wannenburgh
 Born 9th February 2005 and died 29th March 2005 (Carole)

Luca Ethan Lockie
 Died 29th March (NeoDaisys&LucaEthansMummy)

Puddin Rudden
 Died 30th March 2007 (twinmammy)

Baby Yates
 Died 30th March 2006 (sarah 76)

Braxton Lee Harville
 Born 22nd February 2007 and died 30th March 2007 (bharville)

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