3 Money-Making Strategies for New Freelance Writers

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I discovered a website that will pay me to write articles from the convenience of my own home. All I had to do was think up a great idea that wasn’t previously taken and turn it into something really original and thrilling that people would want to read for years to come. My first experience with the freelance writing world After making my first sale, which was for a little over $8, I was hooked. In the years that followed, I realised there was more to freelance writing than taking a bet on a firm buying your unique perspective. The genuine secrets to making a living as a freelance writer were also revealed to me.


Create a specialized account for your writing needs.


Nobody in MommyOfTwins’s client base is interested in interacting with her. It’s likely that you didn’t intend for your personal email account to double as a professional portfolio. Make sure your clients don’t forget who they’re dealing with by introducing yourself with your name or a variation of your name.

Having a recently created email address is also useful for keeping tabs on messages. You will undoubtedly get a lot of spam, advertisements, and personal messages to the email account you use for online gaming, social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, and communicating with friends and family. If you want to ensure that you never lose contact with a client, it’s important to start with a blank slate.

Prospective customers shouldn’t intimidate you.

In my experience as a freelance writer, I have been the victim of bullying on numerous occasions. Internet marketing veterans will not hesitate to request a free sample article or a set of rewrites if the delivered articles do not meet their needs. These methods are used to milk desperate freelance writers for more content.

Tell the client that you will not only write a brand new piece for free, but that you will also post it on your portfolio or blog.

The agreement to make minor adjustments to the articles if the client requests them After you’ve completed an order and sent it to the client, they may ask for basic tweaks to be made based on the original instructions or for more content.

How to Choosing the Good Stocks to Buy

You Must Become Skilled at Keyboarding

Far too many aspiring freelance writers start out without ever having taken a single typing class. They sit at the computer for two or three hours and, with research, “hunt and peck” their way to a finished draught of 400 words. You’ll need a faster typing speed than that if you plan on making a living as a freelance writer. Even if you write four articles a day, it won’t be enough to cover your living expenses.

Sluggish typing speeds result in small earnings and annoyances. You soon come to the conclusion that freelancing is a skill taught to only a select few, and you set out to find a “real” career.

My first typing speed as a freelance writer was around 30 words per minute. I can now type at a rate of over 100 words per minute on a good day. Because I can type faster now, I can write three times as many articles every day. This means that my income has tripled.

You may make a livelihood as a freelance writer, and there is no shortage of projects, assignments, or clients willing to pay you well for quality articles, but you must first attend to the details. It started with these three strategies, and it took me four years to build an income that was on par with a “real” career.


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