What exactly does DYPA’s Youth Entrepreneurship program do for the unemployed?
The DYPA program grants €14,800 to business initiatives of young freelancers aged 18 to 29 with an emphasis on the digital economy. In case you are at the solar limit of DYPA, then it is better to proceed with your application, before the number of applications is filled.

What is the Digital Transformation of NSRF?
The subsidized program for digital transformation of the NSRF is divided into 3 actions, the basic digital transformation, the advanced and the cutting-edge digital transformation. The possibilities differ, depending on the annual income of the business and the number of people it employs. In any case, however, the program has been created to make Greek businesses more competitive on a global level. So you are subsidized to upgrade digitally, to reduce your expenditure on technological equipment, whether we are talking about a simple computer or an entire robotic system that helps your production. The program even supports your customer service. Is this something you would be interested in doing?

What is the NSRF’s Green Transformation?
The main purpose of the project is to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises in Greece, both in terms of entrepreneurship and competitiveness, while simultaneously creating more jobs. The Green Transformation concerns companies with a subsidized investment plan budget from €200,001 up to €1,000,000

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